Daytime 5/24

Now that the end of the year crunch has begun and free time is hard to come by, I hope you’re taking some time to read my fascinatingly entertaining Daytime blog post.  My day has been rather hectic thus far so I’m lacking a bit with my comedy routine….sorry folks.  Sadly, I need time to make myself witty and humorous…but therein lies the beauty of a blog….nobody ever needs to know that, so I’m going to need BOTH of you (my followers ) to keep your mouths shut!!   Hopefully you caught my joke there, you understand if you read my blog last week.

So between my comedy act and the “fun” portion of my blog (videos and pictures!), I like to add a quick sentence or two related to the actual purpose of the blog…Daytime.  So with that said, Daytime will be held tomorrow at 10AM in the carpenter gallery.  Feel free to send my any questions, concerns, or ideas ahead of time.

If you’re still tuned in, you won’t be disappointed, especially for all of the “Little Monsters” out there (apparently Lady Gaga has an army of followers that go by that name….who knew???  Certainly not me, because that Lady Gaga poster in my bedroom is not mine!!!)  My first video is from the article “Students Demand Change in Their Own Education” by Tina Barseghian, and rather than regurgitate Tina’s words, I’ll add a quick excerpt and let you watch the video, it’s an amazing example of how creative our students can be.

“In January, a group of gifted middle school students in North Texas hatched a plan. They decided to send a message as far and wide as it could go on the Internet about an issue that affects them personally: their education.”

“We need a new school system, one that mixes collaboration with achievement, excellence with technology,” writes Orooj on the class blog in the midst of creating the project.”

The next is for all of you “little monsters,” I know there are some of out there!  In the battle of Safari vs. Google Chrome vs. Firefox, Lady Gaga chooses……………………………………………..

I know the suspense is killing you………………………………………

Google Chrome!

P.S. Sorry for the formatting issues, we’re still working out some of the kinks.

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