Daytime 6/9

Welcome all, to my last official Daytime/SCHift post of the 2010-2011 school year, dry your eyes and read on!  While many of you will be parting for the summer, the Innovation team will be hard at work with many initiatives on the horizon. Please check out Pete’s SCHift post for details, including a cool video summary:

We’re already nose deep in a number of these projects, but Daytime always comes first!  I’ll hold the final session of the school year tomorrow at 10AM in the carpenter gallery.  Please join me one last time before you head off on your summer vacation!

I have a ton of cool stuff to add to the blog so stay tuned into the SCHift blog all summer for updates.  Today’s first video comes to you courtesy of Dave Orphal’s Ted Talk this past March, which focuses on his idea of a “teacherpreneur” where educational leaders find time to be in the classroom while teachers find time to help shape policy, curriculum, and instructional design.  In addition to that link and the video below, click here for his Prezi that further discusses the concept.

The next couple of videos focus on Manor New Technology High School located in Manor, Texas which opened in the Summer of 2007 with grades 9 & 10 and had it’s first graduating class in 2010.  MNTHS is a project based learning environment where the learning is mostly student driven.  The first video provides a bit of a better background that I have 🙂

Below is a highlight reel of student work between 2007-2010 with some examples of some great student driven work!


Finally, click on the link below for a quick laugh, courtesy of “The Onion” (sent to me by Jenn Vermillion) 🙂

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