Daytime for the week of 9/19

Hi All,

First, thank you to those that offered feedback to my question on best time slots for Daytime.  I’m still listening, so feel free to speak your mind…there will be no filtration on the Daytime blog (at least that you know of, so as long as you write what I want to hear, I’ll allow it) Comments such as, “Vince, Daytime is great, whenever or wherever you decide to have it works perfectly for me” or “Hey Vince, I’ll schedule my classes/life around Daytime” are great examples of comments for the blog.

Given that this blog is new to many of you, I feel it’s necessary to tell you that much of what I write has a bit of sarcasm to it 🙂

At any rate, a few faculty members offered some great feedback so this week I’m going to try to make myself available at times when you’re free.  With that said, I’ll have Daytime this week on Sunday at 7AM, see you there!  Again, joking…Margaret Smith suggested that I have a session during Upper School break 10:10-10:35, so being a man of the people, I will do just that.  Margaret and Joy Paul both suggested lunch sessions, so I’ll give that a try this week as well.  With that said, here it is (I was asked to make the days/times front and center):

Daytime for the week of 9/19:

Willow Grove Campus – Tuesday 9/20 from 12:00 – 1:00 in the Exchange. 

Cherokee Campus – Thursday 9/22 from 10:00 – 11:00 in the Carpenter Gallery.

I can also make time Wednesday afternoon for either campus, let me know if that works better for you.

On to the educational portion of the blog!  To stay in tune with SCH’s mission statement, several my posts have been related to Project Based Learning, and eduTopia has been a great resource for me.  Given that PBL is relatively new to me, I’ve found myself trying to read up on the topic as much as possible.  This video is a great introduction to PBL with examples ranging from elementary grade levels to students at the high school level.  Who knows….maybe I would’ve liked Science in high school if I was involved in a project or passion based learning environment.  This video is great because it’s the students telling us how much they enjoy being involved in this type of learning.

8 responses to “Daytime for the week of 9/19

  1. Need a quick consultation and/or tutorial on Work Zone vs. Evernote. Which do you think would work better for PGS’ big projects?

  2. MM, I’ve never used Work Zone so I shouldn’t really say (but I still will) that Evernote is great!!! I use it for everything!! Here’s a good Evernote video –

    I’d be happy to show you how I use it and maybe figure out a good platform for Priscilla’s projects. Can you make the Daytime on the Cherokee campus? If not, I can certainly make time earlier in the week. I’ll look into Work zone.

  3. Excellent video! Looking forward to being able to make a daytime soon — usually teaching during the Cherokee time block.

  4. Hey Dale,
    I’m def trying out different times, so add a few time slots that work best for you. I’m considering a lunch session next week. I can also make time tomorrow to lend a hand.

  5. Now that I switched over to the new layout (“dense preview”) for my email and calendar – I need some help moving things around on my screen so it is a better view. I saw on your computer yesterday you had your chat list on the right, etc. Can’t figure out how to do it. Also need some calendar layout help.

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