Daytime, Vince as an auto mechanic & The Voices of a Nation

Hey All,

My post will be short today as I have to head out to the Cherokee LS Lot to change my flat tire that I had the pleasure of enduring this AM!  Watch the clip below from The Office that shows just how good of a mechanic I am. Andy and I have similar skill sets:

Before I post Daytime sessions, I’m adding a video and link to an article with highlights from last week’s Education Nation conference in New York.  The Voices of a Nation segment shows a student panel discussing their experiences with education and what they feel needs to be changed in today’s school systems.  Also included on the panel is Philadelphia Eagles all pro cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha!!

Here’s a link to a Mindshift article by Tina Barseghian that summarizes the student discussion - 20 Things Students Want the Nation to Know About Education.  The video is close to an hour long, but it’s worth watching, at least some of it!  #18 on this list would have been nice last week to defend my position on social media in the classroom.

#18 – You need to use tools in the classroom that we use in the real world like Facebook, email, and other tools we use to connect and communicate.

Click this link to watch the video - Voices of a Generation: Students Speak Out

On to the Daytime when & where - Daytime this week will be held:

Cherokee campus – Day 5 – Tuesday from 10 – 11 in the carpenter gallery,

Willow Grove campus – Day 7 – Wednesday from 10 – 11 in the exchange.

As always, if you’re not able to attend, please leave me a comment below in the “comments section” and let me know when you would like to meet.  Hopefully I can adjust my schedule so I’m able to meet with you.


5 responses to “Daytime, Vince as an auto mechanic & The Voices of a Nation

  1. I had a flat tire last week. I walked out of the house on Friday, took one look at my pancake of a tire and kept walking to the subway so I could catch the train in. It was the automative equivalent of leaving a half a sip of milk in the carton instead of throwing it out because I knew my husband needed the car on Saturday and would be forced to take care of it instead of me. Thank you SEPTA.

    See you tomorrow – I have a list of low priority questions.

    Also – this is not in your Facebook discussion but I just started experimenting with Today’s Meet as a way to get more voices involved in discussions (the Violence class is at 20 so I was worried that we can’t give everyone their say and still stay on track time wise). The test run went well – the students liked it and with a few tweaks and more explicit instructions I think it could be really useful.

  2. While I feel bad for your husband that his Sat. morning was ruined……good move 🙂

    I’d love to hear more about “Today’s Meet” when you come by.

  3. Vince, it’s been great to follow some of these convos….I look forward to taking part as we build more faculty engagement and build SCHift! Margaret, you’re the best.

  4. I use Today’s meet for work outside of SCH frequently. We have used Today’s meet in a lower school boys’ faculty meeting too!

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