Do you Brainpop?


Please note – This video is slightly outdated, you don’t need Flash for the videos to run on the iPad.  BP has seen the “away with flash” light!

LS Friends,

So do you?  Several LS faculty members have requested subscriptions to BP as the free version is somewhat limited.  If so, your voice was heard, if not, please jump aboard!  We were able to secure a free 30 day subscription, at which time we will reconvene to decide if we should pursue a site license.  It’s a bit pricy, so we’d love for you to really beat the software up a bit to determine if we should move forward with this platform.  It’s currently available via a Web interface & iOS app. .

Here is the logon info (will expire in approximately 4 weeks)

Username: sch2012 - Password: sch2012

Click here for an “iEar” review -

Here are some helpful links:



Ideas for integration:

Feel free to add your comments below in the comment field regarding whether or not we should purchase a subscription.  Click here if you’re not sure how to comment.









3 responses to “Do you Brainpop?

  1. Great! I have used this before, especially to differentiate and provide challenging content for strong students. The free is so limited. Looking forward to exploring.

  2. Thanks Vince this will be great to test out. I will try using the passwords on myniPad. I hope it will work since I loaded the app with a personal account. The heart video on Valentines Day was great and I would love to use it when we start the heart adventure challenge course

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