Daytime: iBooks2 on iPad Demo

Hey All,

Well it’s Tuesday afternoon (Wednesday by the time the post is uploaded) and I’m contemplating on how I’m going to deliver this week’s Daytime post.  I’ve been trying to figure out a way to screen record on an iPad so I can demonstrate the amazing functionality brought to us via Apple iBooks2….alas, Apple does not make this easy.  After a half-day of searching iPad forums that tell you the only way to do this is via a “jailbroken” iPad2, I came close to giving up, but I’ve found the solution!  The tool “Reflection” allows me to mirror whatever I do on my iPad directly onto my laptop, where I have the ability to screen record with Quicktime to send the video to Youtube for your viewing pleasure (I’ll let you be the judge of that).  I considered creating a full video blog with no writing, but what I realized was that:

1) I don’t do well in front of the camera (did you see how awkward I was in Lionel’s video??)

2) I don’t do well recording my voice, which you will soon recognize with my Youtube demo.

Additionally, writing my blog posts allows me to edit, spell-check and use a thesaurus.  All in the name of making me appear to be smart.

My next daunting task, attempting to fit everything iPad/iBooks related into one blog post….not going to happen.  So what I’ve decided,  is to focus this post on iBooks, then write up a blog focusing on app finding and evaluation next week.  To that end, I give you my iBooks briefing.

I’ve always been amazed at the strength of the middle school girls, walking around school with backpacks full of textbooks, or moving from class to class with a stack of books often five textbooks high!  Now while this may be a bit easier for upper school boys and girls, it’s still a pain in the neck..or back……ugh, that was a lame attempt at humor…..Maybe a picture will help..

Anyway, how many times has a student come to class unprepared:

Teacher – “Please open your text to chapter 20”

Student – “my dog ate my book” (a little bit funnier???)

Additional arguments against traditional textbooks – they’re both expensive to produce and expensive for schools to purchase, while not exactly being “green.”  Furthermore, textbooks have been around for hundreds of years; do our students learn the same way today, that they did centuries ago?  If the answer is “no,” then why haven’t we improved one of the most utilized methods of delivery…the textbook.  Well folks, it appears that transition has happened.  Now, maybe we can cure the pervasive middle school chronic back pain problems with The iPad/iBooks solution!!  Chiropractors around the world can rejoice!

Apple has recently announcement that they would be partnering with several of the largest K-12 publishing companies including Houghton Mifflin, Mcgraw Hill, and Pearson, to provide students with a learning platform that puts them right at home in their digital worlds.  Here’s a brief video that I created that will illustrate you a few of the capabilities afforded by the novel interactive textbooks.

Please feel free to add comments!  Also be sure to keep up with the iPad3 announcement today at 1:00 PM, click below for:

USTREAM live coverage 

Engadget live blog 

Finally, I’d like to close this week’s post with a parent message sent to Stephanie Moore regarding the work she’s doing in Kindergarden.  Kudos to Stephanie, and as I said to her, it’s responses like this that keep me motivated!

“I’m guessing you’re hearing lots of accolades from lots of parents, but what a great morning for ***** showing off her classroom and for me to see all that’s going on.  It’s such a happy place in KM.  I’m always wary of technology with education when it’s just bells and whistles vs when it’s really integrated into the learning.  Today it was clearly integrated with the learning.  One of my favorite things that ***** shared today was when we used the barcode next to her painting of the Cardinal and it brought up a still picture and then you heard a voice-over of ***** giving a “mini-lecture” about the cardinal.  The technology piece that really amped this up for me was how parts of the bird were circled to coincide with her words.  It was impressive!! Is that on the blog or is there a way that I can share that with Serge?  The technology that ***** enjoyed sharing was the “movie” that she made in V2 showing the cardinals flying and then being with the baby.  It must be wonderful not having to “grade” what they do but just enjoy where their creativity takes them.

So thank you for today.  I know you are proud of the girls, but thank you for giving them a multitude of pathways to express themselves.”

2 responses to “Daytime: iBooks2 on iPad Demo

  1. awesome ! I’ll take 60 iPad3’s please… At $125 per textbook, it would take us a bit over 3 years to have them pay for themselves, just for using them instead of textbooks… Sounds like a no brainer!

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