Daytime: The stretch run, iPad resources & Let Me Google That For You!

Hello Daytimers,

Welcome back from a well deserved spring break!  We’re now in to the final stretch of the school year with approximately 2 1/2 months left before summer vacation.  I spent a few days working over the break, but certainly found time to relax.  Catching up on a few of my favorite shows i.e. Spartacus & Californication, while watching as many sporting events as possible as well as re-runs of The Big Bang Theory and Seifnfeld.  If you’ve been following my blogs, this sounds eerily similar to my winter break….man, I really need to find some new things to do…  At any rate, I found myself cracking up while watching an episode of the Big Bang Theory containing this clip,  many of us have been there!  


Which is a nice segue in to an amazing tool that was shared with us from our friends @facultycreative .  It’s called “Let Me Google That For You.”  Have you ever had somebody ask you a question that could be answered with a simple Google search?  Here’s a not so subtle way to tell them to “GOOGLE IT.”  Below is an example followed by a demonstration video..

Person 1 – How do I use iMovie?

Person 2 –  Ugh… (irritated, yet trying to not be snarky)…..ummmm, here you go…(you send them the link generated from which shows the person how to GOOGLE IT!  #awesome!  Pay close attention to the text box below the Search field where it says “Was that so hard?” hahaha.

Given that I’ve recently found myself eating, sleeping, thinking, and breathing all things “i” i.e. iPads, iPhones, iTunesU etc.  I figured I’d add a few resources to the blog that I’ve come across in the past couple of weeks that you might find helpful with your teaching.

The first is actually a link to a SCHift post that I posted yesterday and sent out to the LS divisions on each campus.  The post links to an article on the EdTechTeacher Website The iPad As…. which allows users to click on a list of 14 learning objectives that will take you to a list of apps that can be used to meed the objective that you’ve selected.

The next resource is a graphic from iPads in Education that places example iPad applications into Bloom’s level of performance in the cognitive domain.  If you’ve not used these apps before, hopefully this will help guide you to the various apps associated with the outlined skills.


Looking for a way to digitize student work?  If so, check out Three Ring, a new free app that lets teachers take pictures of student work to be uploaded to a free Three Ring account.  This app will allow you to collect hand-written work without actually collecting paper.  Organization becomes simple when you catalogue student work by student name, class, date, etc.  Check out the Three Ring homepage for more information and a demo.  Here is the link once again –  Three Ring.

The final iPad resource is from Edudemic, which was shared out to me by Christine Heine, highlighting 15 Ways To Use The New iPad In The Classroom.  I know we have several users that are doing some of this work in their classrooms, please feel free to share some of your stories with us below in the comment field!  BTW, SCHift 2.0 is coming soon with an improved interface and commenting feature, can’t wait!

Well…one more. This isn’t exactly a “resource” but it’s a great demonstration of creativity with the iPad!

Cheers, enjoy the rest of the short work week!


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