In Preparation of the iPad/iBooks Meet Up

Hey Team,

Let me start by saying that I’m really excited for tomorrow’s meeting to kick things off for the iPad/iBooks initiative.  In anticipation of the meeting, I’m going to ask that you do a few things in preparation so we don’t have to hang around too long.  First, we have registered all of you for the iPad Master Class; please follow the instructions below to register.  Feel free to take a sneak peak at the videos, I’m sure you’ll be relieved of any anxiety you may have after my last blog post mentioning that you will have 21 videos to watch.  (cough cough, Scott, cough cough)


Welcome to the iPad Academy Master Class! Here are your login directions:

User Name: First Initial  space  Last Name

Ex: V Day

Default Password: iamcsch

You can change the password inside the course.

Login here:

You should bookmark this URL so you can return to it easily.


Next, I mentioned in the previous blog post that we would find a platform that would allow us to complete a good portion of this work virtually.  I’ll talk more about the plans for the summer months tomorrow, but in the meantime please accept the invitation I will be sending you for “Yammer.”  It appears that some of you have already joined, which is awesome.  We chose Yammer because of its social capabilities that will allow the group to communicate/collaborate both synchronously & asynchronously in easy fashion.  The platform is very intuitive so you will not need much instruction from me on how to get started, I’m sure you will notice that it’s very Facebook-esque.  In addition to the Web interface, Yammer has awesome desktop and iOS apps which will allow you communicate with the group on the iPad or on your iPhone, Click here to download the apps.

If you do not have an iTunes account (Apple ID), please set one up prior to tomorrow’s meeting to expedite the process.  Click here for instructions on how to create an account.

Please let me know if you have difficulties with any of the aforementioned accounts i.e. Master Class, Yammer, Apple ID.

Finally, due to a conflict in the LIR, we have shifted the meeting to Ann Keiser’s room 124 on the Cherokee campus.  See you at 3:45!


3 responses to “In Preparation of the iPad/iBooks Meet Up

  1. Good enough reason to stay out, right??? I’m literally cracking up in the office right now, teachers don’t miss a beat!!!!

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