Daytime: How Will You Change This Year?

Day four, I can feel both the excitement and the angst in the air as week one winds down.  I’m fairly certain that many of you have bee losing sleep at night, tossing and turning, restless with curiosity.  Questioning whether or not Daytime will continue in the 2012-2013…rest easy friends, Daytime is back!

I’d like to welcome everybody back from what I hope was a summer full of fun, rest, and most of all relaxation.  For those of you unfamiliar with Daytime, be sure to stay tuned to this blog for my weekly rants on education, technology, sports, and whatever else I deem important for the SCH community (please note that I’m often sarcastic).  While I aim to help you cultivate brilliant ideas with the most innovative tools and creative approaches to teaching and learning; keep in mind that I frequently turn to what I consider to be “wittiness” with lame attempts at humor to keep you engaged.  So bare with me folks, ultimately I’m hoping that you might find a few interesting tidbits from my blogs, with a couple laughs along the way.

So who would like to compare summers?  In between the A-list Hollywood parties and yacht trips with my professional sports figure friends, one thing I did was a decent amount of blog reading…a real hoot, I know.  At any rate, my reading prompted a very important Daytime evaluation.  I began thinking that maybe I should transform Daytime to be a bit more “professional.”  Perhaps I should leave out the funny videos, my thoughts on this week’s episode of Dexter, or even my extremely popular complaints about our favorite sports teams…

Many of the people that I follow on Twitter have amazing blogs with information that helps me become a better educator, most of whom exclude what I consider to be the most important part of my blog….the personality.  The SCH mission statement encourages creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation; now would I be able to meet these standards if I simply chose to duplicate other bloggers styles, simply because they have more experience or more followers on Twitter?  The answer is, NO.  While I’ll certainly continue to follow these blogs and Twitter accounts of some of the most distinguished experts in technology and education, I’ve decided (please hold applause) that I’m not going to change my approach to blogging.  This is what I do…I’m hilarious (for the new folks, I’m only kidding)

My next question for you is, what are you’re plans for this year?  With the start of every new school year we’re given a blank slate, one with which we have the opportunity to challenge ourselves as well as our students, take risks, and generate excitement. How is this year going to be different from last year, and the year before that, and so on?  Is this the year that you’ll integrate a design thinking project into the curriculum, abandon that textbook that you can no longer stomach, or decide to test out game based learning in your class?  Perhaps this is the year you will truly personalize the learning with passion based projects.  Will this be year that you’ll expand your Personal Learning Network (PLN) to continue to enhance your skills and practice by communicating and learning from educators throughout the world?  Well folks, I’m here to tell you that whatever it is that you choose to do differently this year, I’m here to help.  If I don’t know have the answer your questions, we’ll work on answering them together.  Let’s carry that “beginning of the year” excitement all the way through to June, cheers to a great year at SCH!

Now that my Richard Simmons motivational speech is out of the way.  I’d like to share a few videos that I collected over the summer to inspire your creativiy.  Enjoy!

A Serious Talk: Kids Demand Next Generation Learning (PearsonEducation, 2012) 

The Voice of the Active Learner (BlackboardTV, 2012) 

Finally, a Daytime post wouldn’t be complete without a sports reference, now would it?!?!?! 

 Photo Credit

4 responses to “Daytime: How Will You Change This Year?

  1. It’s your humor I look forward to -and sometimes skip the other stuff to get to it. Why don’t the Flyers have a fight song? Will the Flyers even play this fall??????

  2. Ugh, i’ll be depressed if they delay the start of the season…It sounds like they will start around Thanksgiving, but I remain optimistic.

    As for you only reading the blog partially, I’m open to suggestions for other topics you would like to see me cover??

    Flyers fight song……..hmmmmmm, sounds like a great PBL unit, maybe w/ Chris McGinley and the iPads?!?!?!?!?!?!?! How cool would that be???

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