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Welcome my friends…to the start of summer!  I envision folks kicking back and relaxing with family and friends—enjoying BBQs, pools, and the beach.  Perhaps enjoying a good book, while laying in a hammock in the cool summer breeze. At this point you all should have either received an electronic iTunes gift card for your book purchase, or access to the e-book via Kindle’s Whispercast service.  If this is not the case please let me know so we can look into the situation.

For those that are not aware, this is an initiative in collaboration with Jill Gough and the Trinity School in Atlanta.  This collegial effort will include shared reflections via blog posts and tweets.  Check out a few of the blogs Jill has written thus far on The Falconer.

Falconry: problem-finding, find the dissonance

Falconry: create dissonance, check “under the hood”

For others reading The Falconer, Grant Litchman has been kind enough to make himself available to answer your questions.  Furthermore, offering an opportunity for those of us reading the book to connect with him via a Skype chat once we’ve all had time to reflect.  I’ve sent out several tweets while reading the book, to which he’s been very responsive with helpful answers and analysis. Here’s is a snapshot from a twitter interaction from yesterday afternoon:

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 9.10.32 AM

Feel free to tweet Grant during your reading @GrantLitchman

Finally, we encourage you to tweet to both the #SCHacademy and #TrinityLearns hashtags during your readings to share thoughts, ideas, concerns, questions, and more.  Please let me know If you need help setting up a blog or would like me to share your blog for you.  Here is another link to Trinity’s 4As protocol, which many of their faculty are using for postings.

It’s not too late to join, please comment below if you wold like to take part in this effort.

3 responses to “Summer Reading — Books Distributed

  1. Let’s interact! Incredible conversation going on at #Fuse13 in Atlanta today…and it is almost ALL about issues in the first few chapters of The Falconer. I never knew back then that there would be this thing called “design thinking” that is rooted in the simple concepts of questioning and problem finding.

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