Social Media in Education

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Social Media in education—we’ve all listened to presentations, discussed classroom applications on the way to lunch, and shared best practices as best we can. Today I’m thinking about how Twitter has transformed yet another way that we pass along classroom opportunities.  I’ve been an active Twitter participant during the past year—extending my PLN on an almost daily basis, continually learning from colleagues across the globe.  During his visit last April, George Couros told a funny story about the day his faculty began referring to him as “King Twit.” While that’s not legacy I plan to endure, my goal is to highlight Twitter as an important aspect of social media in education.

Two weeks ago, browsing my Twitter feed, I came across Edutopia blogger Monica Burns post dedicated to Online Poetry Resources.  I immediately thought of and emailed the post to colleague Mary Brownell—an avid reader, writer, and lover of poetry.  Mary and I have had several thoughtful conversations over the past year related to Twitter—the why, the how, and most importantly the importance of Twitter as a resource for continued learning and eventually for students.

Last week, the Springside Chestnut Hill Academy innovation team met to discuss the continued forward motion of learning changes in our school curriculum. One of the most important of of our topic was Social Media—as a tool for professional learning as well as the value in the classroom.  Following the retreat,  Chief Information Officer Pete DiDonato shared this terrific blog post from Vicki Davis – A Guidebook For Social Media in the Classroom

These internal conversations reminded me of influential posts from George Couros Social Media for Administrators and Joe Mazza’s 12 Reasons To Get Your School District Tweeting This Summer, prompting me to develop a couple of resources to further help educators explore the value of social media in education, along with steps to help started.

The “Why” – Twitter in Education

The “How” – Twitter: Getting Started

2 responses to “Social Media in Education

  1. Wonderful blog. I recently noticed how social media has impacted not only education, but the news, as well. Twitter is ALL over different news stations – even The Today Show has a big part of their morning scheduled around the #OrangeRoom. They ask viewers to tweet at the show using that hashtag. It’s incredible to see all of this grow so quickly!

  2. Thanks, Saburah! Twitter statistics are crazy, as you said exploding everywhere. I had a conversation with a family member last week about a hashtag for the show “Revenge” that she watches. There is a #hashtag for everything–such a great opportunity to engage with like minded folks, in addition to the learning and sharing that takes place. Really has transformed my practice. Here is a good read including SM stats

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