Meet Vince Day

Vincent Day is the Director of Digital Tools at SCH, Springside Chestnut Hill Academy in Philadelphia.  Vince has been a member of the Innovation Team (formerly known as the “tech team”), dating back to the summer of 2000 when he began his career in technology and education as a part time tech support assistant, while pursuing an undergraduate degree in Computer Management Information Systems.

Vince began his journey into the world of technology lugging around old computer equipment, changing printer ink and solving minor hardware issues.  His duties gradually developed into a full-time tech-support position, to a technology specialist, to his new position as the Director of Digital Tools.  Vince attributes his commitment to education to working in a community of remarkable teachers.  Being surrounded by such intelligent individuals helped Vince  realize that his passion was not limited to technology, it became more about education and how digital tools can empower the teaching and learning of our students.  According to Vince it was the NAIS conference he attended in 2008 in NYC where he realized that he would dedicate his future to pedagogy and innovation.  Key contributors to Vince’s SCHift  were and sill remain, Ian Jukes, Sir Ken Robinson and Daniel Pink.  He follows them and many more via RSS feeds, Twitter and Facebook.

Vince’s responsibilities at SCH combine utilizing a variety of techniques and tools to reach all members of the SCH community with information on learning new technologies.  His skill set includes multiple computing platforms, mobile technology, social media and bridging the gap between IT, emerging technologies, and education.  The relationships Vince has developed with colleagues within the SCH community has allowed him to facilitate a “tech support” initiative called DayTime where he supports all faculty, staff, and administration with any/all technical issues including question, repairs and ideas for projects.  Vince offers DayTime sessions several times a week, in addition to individual meetings tailored around the various schedules of those requesting assistance.

Vince holds a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Computer Management Information Systems from Holy Family University.  He is currently pursuing a Master’s of Science in Information Systems at Drexel University, and when time allows it, he takes free online courses as a part of MIT’s open courseware program.  Vince is an avid Philadelphia sports fan who can be found watching the Flyers, Phillies, Eagles and Sixers as much as possible.  He also has a beautiful niece and two nephews, and can be found exercising in the Vare Field House in his spare time.

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