Daytime & The Seven Steps to Becoming a 21st Century School or District


Hey SCH,

Below is a link and a video to an edutopia article I came across that discusses the transition towards a school focused on 21st century skills and learning.

A few key points include the 4 C’s - Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration, & Creativity & the 7 steps towards adopting the 4 C’s. Here is the link for the first of a seven part blog series written by Ken Kay.

Below is a video included in the blog post.

Stay tuned for a new DayTime post coming soon!!  Please use the “comments” section below to suggest any “days/times”  (see what I did there?? :-)) that work best for you for upcoming DayTime sessions

5 responses to “Daytime & The Seven Steps to Becoming a 21st Century School or District

  1. I think if it rotated (some mornings, some afternoons) more would be able to attend. Also, it would be very helpful to just have the times and locations listed somewhere upfront and easy to get to. Some times I don’t have time to read through the whole blog looking for it.

  2. Having some during or overlapping with division “free” times like US Break (10:10-10:35) or US lunch (11:30-12:05) would be helpful. With the rotating 7 day cycle there really is no set “good” time – it changes every day. Most of the things that I keep on my “Save for Daytime” list are quick and I could bust through them quickly over break.

  3. Maybe an occasional lunch meeting? I know different divisions eat at different times, but it may be a time when certain divisions could attend

  4. I think that rotating the times, days and CC /WGC locations would be ideal. This way you’re bound to reach the most “customers”. At the WGC, having it in the Exchange was a great idea – it’s a really good central location. I also think that “advertising” your schedule in an easy-to-read one-step format would be helpful — and consider contacting the WGC division heads separately, so they can encourage their faculty to attend.

  5. Great ideas everyone!! I’ll address the “upfront and easy” to see times and dates first – there’s a method to my madness!! The date & time are posted at the very beginning of every post, just one click away from the actual email. Whether you choose to read the blog or not is entirely up to you 🙂 I will say that choosing to not read….would be a bad choice, hahahaha. I want to make it as easy as possible for everyone, but ultimately I want to move away from email entirely. In the perfect digital world, everyone would use the RSS feed, then email would be eliminated!

    Rene, Francis actually mentioned the same thing, he’s sending me the LS divisional schedule soon. I’ll reach out the other division heads as well. You’re a rock-star Rene!

    Margaret, nothing but great ideas outta you 🙂

    Joy, hmmmmm, I can probably get people to pay for my lunch too, which would be great given that I’m out fo $$ by spring break!

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