DayTime 9/12

 As promised, my follow up to this year’s debut DayTime post.  I’m going to setup shop for the first DayTime get together, tomorrow at 9:00AM on the Cherokee campus.  Followed by the inaugural Willow Grove DayTime session on Wednesday at 9:00AM located in the exchange, free admission for your first visit and receive 5 free sessions if you join the “refer a friend” program.

  Kidding aside, please swing by to talk all things tech…I’m normally rather hungry and somewhat cranky at 9AM so coffee is welcome (skim milk & one splenda)

OK, on to the serious stuff (you don’t really have to bring coffee)!  Over the course of the 6 months or so, I’ve come across several articles written about Salman Khan regarding his use of video in an attempt to revolutionize education (link to a Mindshift article at the end of the post, and if you know me well, you know that I love Seinfeld, so that article was particularly catchy) with the Khan Academy.  At any rate, I began to bookmark each of these articles, and before I knew it, I had quite the collection of Khan articles and videos to catch up on.  Khan, a former hedge-fund analyst, has created over 2,000 instructional videos to help teachers “flip their classroom”  Rather than assigning homework, Khan assigns the lectures/videos as homework, and does the work with the students in the classroom.  In the following Ted Talk, Khan says teachers have “used technology to humanize the classroom” removing the one size fits all model.  I love the introduction of “gamification” (link to an article discussing gamification at the end of the post) to engage students and promote collaboration.  This Ted Talk is about 20 minutes long, but certainly worth a watch.

With that, I’ll see you all (both of you, hahaha) tomorrow!  Have you added the SCHift blog to your RSS feed, or followed me on Twitter –!/VincentDay 

Minshift article by Tina Barseghian – Meet Sal Khan:the Seinfeld of the Education Revolution

“Mindshift” article discussing gamification - Can Gamification Boost Independent Learning?

5 responses to “DayTime 9/12

  1. Dear Vince:
    I had no idea you were so funny and a fellow Seinfeld fan. I did know about the coffee addiction, and it takes one to know one. Now for the serious part: I just received notification that my Skype subscription had expired. (My Skype name was peggymandellatspringside.) Next week I am flying out to Phoenix with my MacBook Pro to give a Prezi at a national conference with my partner, Liz Harris, who will be Skyped in from Philadelphia. Does this mean I can’t Skype her in on my laptop?

  2. I would love it, but the people have to show! Poor showing today, only a few customers!! I have to dig deep to think of some new promotions.

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