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Hello SCH!

For those of you  familiar with “DayTime,” I’m happy to say that I’ll be continuing with these sessions as soon as next week, I’ll shoot out another post soon to provide details on the when/where (be sure to add the SCHift blog RSS feed to your Google Reader to be the first to know.  If you’re not sure how to do that, I think we found your first DayTime lesson!!).  For those of you unfamiliar with DayTime, you don’t know what you’ve been missing!  The sessions get wild with music, dancing, food and more!  So be sure to attend, or you’ll surely regret missing out on great times.

Now that I have your full attention, I’m going to tell the truth 🙂  In the past, DayTime has been an hour or so a week dedicated to assisting faculty/staff with all things tech related, from small tech support questions to discussions on teacher’s ideas for projects using technology.  I’m also here to talk sports (only Philly teams), reality TV, and Pop culture….(for those of you that are new to DayTime, I try to add a bit of humor to my blog posts to keep you interested, as many people tend to stop reading blog posts, emails, etc. after around 4 lines of continusous text, myself included.  BTW, I’m not really up to date with reality TV or pop culture, but can certainly do my research if that’s what you’d like to discuss).  To stay in tune with my cool new title this year “Director of Digital Tools” I’d like to “SCHift” the focus of DayTime to be geared more towards the use of existing/emerging digital tools in your classroom e.g. iPads, Social Media, laptops and much more.  With that said,  I have to stay true to my roots, so I will, to a lesser extent, remain available to answer some tech support related questions or concerns, or at least point you in the right direction for where to have your question answered.  Our support staff let by Tom Day, also including 3 tech lifeguards is unmatched!  I’m going to try to have at least 2 DayTime sessions per week, one on the WG campus and one on the Cherokee campus.

IMO (in my opinion, for the not so tech geeky), the best part of my SCHift/DayTime posts are the the pictures & videos, cause let’s be honest here…you’re already bored with my writing….and so am I.  I try to add videos focusing on education & technology, with a few humorous videos to keep it light on occasion.  Unfortunately, I didn’t keep up with my DayTime posts this summer, as I found it much easier to communicate with my loyal followers via face-to-face interaction…yes, that still happens, and given that I only have two, maybe three loyal followers..this wasn’t a tough task (that’s a joke that my “loyal followers” will get a chuckle out of, so if you want to be “in the know,” be sure to add our RSS feed and follow along with all of my posts!!).  With that said, I did stock pile a number of videos & articles that I thought would be great for DayTime, so forgive me if you’ve already seen some of the videos or read any of the articles in future posts.

I’m going to stick to a Twitter theme with this week’s videos.  The first highlights how a Los Angeles based teacher uses Twitter to engage his students in the classroom:

Click the link below to watch:

Twitter Finds Place in the Classroom

I’ll end my first DayTime post of the year with a funny video that I shared at our Social Media digital playground, which was a part of our Summer Sandbox series this summer.  This goes for those of you that already know me as well as those I’m looking forward to working with this year!


Can I be your friend? 🙂


BTW, my twitter handle is @VincentDay


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