Daytime – Open house, The Web, and The Mondays

Hope you all had a great weekend and can avoid the “Monday’s” (If you’ve seen Office Space this joke is so much better!)

Before I begin today’s post, I want to shout out a huge congratulations to the Admissions team for putting together a great open house event.  We see the greatness of this school each and every day, but it really stands out when you sit back and view the school as an observer.  From the artwork in the hallways, to the obstacle course in the LS Gym, to the display of tech in basically every aspect of the open house, I must say…I’m impressed! Given that I’m a member of the innovation team, some might say I’m a bit biased……but the best part of my day was witnessing the subtle, yet powerful technology integration in all of our classrooms.  Our goal is not to highlight the actual technology, it’s to show how it’s leveraged to improve teaching and learning.  This was never more evident than it was yesterday!  Which brings me to my next order of business, THE WEB!!!  If you haven’t seen our new Web site yet, go check it out now, and that is an order!  Our Web team in conjunction with an amazing design firm - Faculty Creative along with Whipple Hill, have put together a masterpiece!  While its greatness is unquestionable, it’s still in phase one and future iterations will make this clear cut #1 Web presence for any independent school.  Can’t wait for phase 2!!  I’d love to hear some of your comments on the new Site, feel free to add them below the blog.

Daytime schedule for this week:

Cherokee Campus – Tuesday, Day 7 from 10:30 – 11:30

WG Campus – Thursday, Day Day 2 from 10:15 – 11:30

If you any questions, ideas, projects or just want to chat and can’t make it, shoot me an email and we’ll make time to schedule a separate meeting.

So Tom Day resident ebay specialist, my brother, (yes there are two of us…you’re not crazy. If you’ve seen us in the hallway and tried to get our attention with a “hey tech guy” or a “excuse me, sir” you may not have received an answer, you will never get you my attention with the word “sir,” as I still don’t think I’m there yet, it doesn’t matter how old I get!!  I started at this school when I was 20, and in my mind it’s going to stay that way!!)) sent me a video for the “humor” part of Daytime. They’re short so I added a couple to get you going on a Monday AM.

Pete in the 16th Century - 

Mom Jeans - 

Toothbrushes & Tech - 


Now I will attempt to add some educational value to this week’s post.  Below is a video I found on the MindShift Web Site, produced by KQED Education which highlights “cyberlearning” in Science education.  I see examples of this everyday at SCH!!!  You’ll see our friend Chris Dede in this video.

Digital Tools:

This week’s digital tool is “A Cleaner Internet” is a browser plug-in (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) that isolates YouTube videos, removing all ads and comments from the video.  The majority of us have stumbled upon some questionable material while viewing a YouTube video, this tool allows user to share clean links with others.  Here’s a link to their Facebook page -

That’s all for this week folks, have a great week!  Please don’t forget to add comments below.


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  1. Hi Vince – I need some iPhone help. Can’t seem to get the all school calendar. It is listed in my calendars but no items appear. Please help. I can only get the all school calendar if I go into Safari and that takes too long when I’m in panic mode! 🙂 I will visit Daytime today. thanks – Maria

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