Daytime: Design Thinking, Flyers, and Mr. Winkles

Good Morning SCH,

Daytime will be held this week:

WG Campus – Tuesday, Day 5 from 9:30 – 10:30

Cherokee Campus – Wednesday, Day 6 from 10:00 – 11:00

I hope you all had a great weekend, if it was anything like mine it ended on a bad note with one of the worst football games I’ve watched in a long time…Eagles fans, commiserate.  Sunday night began to look up as the Flyers won, and I was excited that I would be sitting first level at the Flyers game tonight.  Plans were made, I brought my Flyers gear to work, and would be picked up at 5:00 to shoot right down to the Wells Fargo Center.  Well………………plans changed.  Upon arrival to SCH today, I promptly visited the Flyers Web Site to double-check game-time.  I figured it would be a 7:00 start but wanted to be sure… certainly is a 7:00 start…………………………IN CAROLINA!!!!!  Ugh, I really need to start looking at my tickets ahead of time.  Although I can’t help but laugh to myself, picturing my girlfriend and myself wondering “where the heck are the parking attendants?” or “why is the Wells Fargo Center so dark”….Best part of it all, I didn’t tell her yet!  I had to get my Daytime post ready 🙂

Given the recent announcement regarding this coming summer’s Design Thinking workshop, I’m going to dedicate much of this post to a buzz phrase that’s been circulating around SCH for the last year or so…you guessed it, Design Thinking! Prior to this past summer I didn’t have much knowledge on the topic, just that we had a group of faculty members that had attended Stanford’s d-school the past two summers.  Then I attended the four day Nueava Design Institute at the Nueva School in San Francisco.  Here’s what I had to deal with for four days…….tough living huh??

Jenn Vermilion and I had the pleasure of collaborating with educators from all over the US along with a design team comprised of members from the d-school and Nueava.  It was a great experience and the entire time I was there, all I could think about was how we could bring this type of instruction to SCH.  Design Thinking & Project Based Learning go hand in hand, so it would be great to have our entire faculty receive the training that we had the pleasure of experiencing.  Now we have a three day Design Thinking workshop to look forward to, can’t wait!!

Rather than continuing to babble, I’m going to add the trailer for the “Design & Thinking” movie, soon to be released, followed by links to, two parts of a three part series (the third of which has not yet been posted, but I will certainly add it once it has) related to Design Thinking written by Tyler S. Thigpen, the Head of Upper School at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School.  The video is a quick introduction to the Design Thinking approach, while the blog series provides a great look into some of the core competencies associated with Design Thinking along with a few examples of DT in practice.  Enjoy and please feel free to add comments below the blog.




Design Thinking @ Mount Vernon’s Upper School: The What (Part 1 of 3)

Design Thinking @ Mount Vernon’s Upper School: The How (Part 2 of 3) 


Weekly Digital Tools:

Veengle – A web based video tool that allows users to create video compilations and instantly share them with others.  Click here for a demo compilation.

Word Dynamo– A word learning experience that allows users to explore & study new words via an innovative platform that challenges students to increase their vocabulary.

I’ll end this week’s post with a video that I found to be pretty funny and interesting at the same time.  Have a great week!

Mr. Winkles Awakes








8 responses to “Daytime: Design Thinking, Flyers, and Mr. Winkles

  1. I love those photos of Cali–I wish we could all magically be transported to the SF Bay Area for the design training but you’re right that it will be super awesome for them to bring some of their “California Optimism” out here to the East Coast!

  2. Also I loved the trailer for the design thinking movie–is it going to be released in theaters? Can we have a faculty field trip to see it??

  3. Hey Ellen,
    Looks like the release has been delayed a bit, hoping for a rough cut to be completed by the EOY. So I’m thinking some time later next year, here’s a link with some more info:

    I’m game for a field trip. If it’s not released in theaters we can just a have a viewing party at Scott’s house. If Scott read my blog for once, he would know that we are in fact planning this, but he doesn’t, so let’s just move forward with you as the coordinator 🙂

  4. Vince, the party at Scott’s house is a great idea! I’m sure he won’t mind providing everyone with food and beverages either!

  5. Does anyone happen to know if there are any Design Thinking courses offered on iTunesU? Stanford has some great ones available, but if anyone has anything specific on this, I’d love to check it out!

  6. It sure does. Go to iTunes U and do a quick search for Design Thinking. You’ll see results from NC State, MIT, and more. Kim Saxe who was one of the founders of Nueva’s DT Institute has a collection under the NAIS series.

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