Daytime Thanksgiving Edition

Hey All,

Thanksgiving is almost here, and we all get a much needed break starting tomorrow afternoon…YES!!!  There’s something different about a short week that puts everybody in a good mood.  Normally when I arrive at campus on a Monday morning, I’m greeted with a few grunts and a barrage of printer requests…But today was different, I knew it wasn’t a typical Monday when I was nicely waved through at a couple intersections, received more than one “good morning,” even a few smiles, and alas…no printer questions….huh, was I still dreaming???  If you read last week’s Daytime post you’ll also know that I’m attending the Flyers game tonight, in the lower level, with reserved parking…and yes, I checked the tickets.  Forgive me if you don’t see my face for the rest of the day because I’ll be hiding, as I’m almost certain that something is bound to ruin this great morning.  Even the Eagles won last night, Scott Stein was chanting the Eagles fight song outside of the tech workroom this AM.  I must admit that I’m jealous of his constant optimism.  Even when they lose in the first round or endure such a terrible loss as last week, Scott has that “never say die” enthusiasm.  Ordinarily, I would say “they’re just going to break are hearts later in the season,” but he’d respond with “pitchers and catchers in 8 weeks.”  It’s like it’s Thanksgiving 52 weeks a year for this guy!  You’re the man Scott, even if there is zero chance you’re reading this blog…

Looking forward to our Design Thinking training in June, I posted several links related to the topic in last week’s blog post to which I received several comments, which makes me realize that my following is increasing.  Yea man, my goal of 8 loyal “Daytimer’s” is only a few follows away!  Getting back on track, I’m pretty certain there are many questions regarding Design Thinking in education so I’ve been doing a bit of digging to find articles and videos that will help ease the angst.  Part 3 of Mount Vernon’s Design Thinking in US has not been released yet, but I did find the Design Thinking for Educators site including information regarding some of DT core concepts, stories, case studies and more.  Check out this short video series.


My next video comes directly from a Daytime original member, Ellen Kruger (I’m thinking of asking the school store to carry D.T.O.M sweatshirts, feel free to come up with the logo!!).  The video shows us where the worlds most talented minds get the inspiration to be creative.


Digital Tools for this week focuses on student studies:

Study Stream – An innovative online learning platform that helps users learn vocabulary and how to speak foreign languages via online digital media.  The goal is to help students learn foreign languages in a way that is more engaging to them, via online media e.g videos, blog posts, news and more.  Study Stream is free and will let users study with Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese and English, with more languages coming soon.

StudyBlue App– A build your own flashcards site with a newly released iPhone/Android app.  Checkout this video that shows a student creating a flashcard on her iPhone 4S using StudyBlue & Siri.

Happy Thanksgiving!


[Online] Available

[Online] Available


4 responses to “Daytime Thanksgiving Edition

  1. Don’t faint, Vince! Yes – this is my first, but many soon to follow readings of TDay posts (thanks for the shout out!)! I loved the video from Ellen – that really says it all and is perfect for preK-12. It would be great to get some design thinking clips from US teachers. I have seen tons of PBL and DT clips for LS and MS, so if anyone has some great US ones, please share!

  2. vince – you know the school stores are always up for fun and creative gear. our motto is – if you give them a cool design – they will buy it!

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