Daytime: 30 years young, 6th grade developer, & the top 100 tools.

Good morning SCH,

After a one week break, Daytime is back this week!!

Willow Grove Campus: Wednesday – Day 6, 10:00am – 11:00am

Cherokee Campus: Thursday – Day 7, 10:30am – 11:30am

So it’s our second day back from a nice little vacation and we’re a couple of weeks away from that half year point, even better…holiday break!  I’ve been racking my brain to come up with something clever to write as Daytime without humor or wit is just, well, time……But how can I come with something entertaining on a rainy Tuesday afternoon where we’re all a bit depressed thanksgiving is over, moreover it’s a bit to early to begin thinking about the holiday break…..hmmmmmm, what to write….what to write………more thinking…………………………………

I didn’t want to do this because I’m not to happy about turning 30 today, but I guess I have to celebrate my 30th birthday through Daytime.  What I really want to know is, who do I talk to about getting your birthday off from work??  Anyway, here are a few funny clips from The Office in the spirit of birthday humor.  Does anybody else miss Michael?  The show stinks this season!

Michael knows how to surprise folks on their bday!

Creed is the unsung hero of the show!

No cake on Stanley’s bday!  Dwight’s kick is the best, haha.

BTW, those of you keeping up with the blog know how old I actually am…..

Now for the part of my blog that includes some sort of educational value.  Check out this YouTube video clip of Sixth-grader Thomas Suarez, app maker extraordinaire, giving a Ted Talk!  Just your average sixth grade programer using programming language “to get the basics down, such as Python, C, Java, etc.” and the apple iPhone software developers kit.  Yes, I’ll say it again…he’s in sixth grade!!!  Can you say 1:1 iPad program for younger students???!!!!!???  Thomas is certainly a proponent, be sure to play close attention around the 3 minute mark.  This kid is awesome!



I wrote a blog earlier in the year about #flippedpd that discussed social media as a platform for professional development.  Check out this article from Education Week that discusses Why Educators Should Join Twitter.  I’ve been a “tweeter” for a couple years, but have really started to use it as a tool for PD in the past year or so.  Twitter along with Google Reader have changed the way I view PD.  I’m certainly still keen on the idea of taking trips to the sunny west coast for PD, but in the meantime some of the tools are right at our fingertips.

Digital Tools:


I’m going to approach the DTs section a bit differently this week.  Rather than adding a few helpful tools, here’s a link to a social mediast Jane Hart’s Top 100 Tools for 2011.  Here’s a snippet from article:

– The list is dominated once again by free, online social tools  – and proprietary content development tools     continue to decline.

– The top three tools – Twitter, YouTube and Google Docs – retain their positions from 2010.

– Other tools have moved up the list since 2010. This include Vimeo (up 41 places) and Yammer (up 37 places)

– There are 23 new tools on the list this year, the highest placed of which is Google+, followed by TED and

– Other tools have moved down the list, and some have moved off the list completely. Notably this includes Firefox    (which was actually the #1 tool in the first survey of tools in 2007)  and Second Life.

As always, please feel free to add comments.  Would love to hear some feedback and keep the conversation going.  Have a great week!

15 responses to “Daytime: 30 years young, 6th grade developer, & the top 100 tools.

  1. Happy Birthday!
    I think the most impressive thing about video isn’t that such a young kid was able to create apps, but that such a young kid was able to do a solid TEDx presentation! There are few adults (and I would say even fewer children) who have the maturity to do something like that. Awesome!

  2. Happy Birthday!! Imagine what school would have been like for you if you had gone to school where the 6th grade app developer goes!! That boy is somewhere here at SCH – maybe it’s a boy or maybe it’s a girl. ~Kristin

  3. Happy Bday Stacye!!

    Thanks, Amanda! How calm and cool was he?? He’s going to do some great things in this world.

    KT- I have no doubt that we have studentS that could do this. We have the tools, just need more of them!

    All – Pete knows that the older I get…the older he is getting. BTW, I’m not 34!

  4. Happy Birthday to you, Vince. Did Pete and Tom bring you a birthday cake(or fruit) a la Michael Scott???? What is the tech team equivalent of an “Office” celebration? Whatever it may be, I hope that it is a happy day and thanks for all that you do to keep us thinking and laughing! Mary

  5. Happy Birthday, Vince. I hope today is a great day and that your new year is filled with adventure and happiness!

  6. The guys did bring in DD coffee, but they no better than to bring in cake! I feel like I’ve eaten every possible type of cake in the past week….and it’s not even xmas yet! Anyway, thanks Mary and thanks for staying tuned in!

    Thanks, Christine! I hope you & Paul had as great of a thanksgiving as I did. The same goes for the upcoming holidays!

  7. @Kristin Greg Lobanov sold his first game before he graduated, so we’ve already produced at least one of these kids. And our third graders have already made fortune tellers using scratch so we are a good three years ahead of this kid in terms of game development. And, of course, scratch games are free.

  8. Happy Birthday!

    K- I know that girl/boy is at SCH. I wonder who will step forward? Maybe I should have the KM girls present on blogging. 😉

  9. David, did you see his TedTalk? Come on, give the kid some respect!

    Thanks, Ellen!

    Thanks, Steph! A Ted project in K?? Sounds awesome to me, I’d be happy to play any role in this that I can!

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