Daytime Series Part II – Evernote

Good morning SCH,

Welcome to part II of this week’s blog series, which will focus on what I consider to be the best productivity, note taking, pretty much everything you need to do, tool.  I had the pleasure of sitting in on an Evernote Webinar last week, rather than gushing over how much I love this tool and how it has completely taken over all productivity platforms (I have tested and continue to use many!) including MS Word, Sticky Notes, Pages, email, etc., I’ll add a few screen shots from the Webinar that will illustrate just how this tool can make your life easier.  In my humble opinion, Evernote and similar tools are going to completely do away with most word processors, so if you’re not currently using EN, Google Docs, or both, jump aboard!  If anybody would like a hands on tutorial, I’d love to sit down to show you how start using Evernote.

Before I get to the presentation, I wanted to add this picture that I recently came across in my Google Reader.  As I mentioned many times in my blog, this year has brought a number of changes to my position here at SCH.  One of the biggest changes that has always been a challenge for me has been professional development.  I remember a few years ago, Pete asking me “what are your plans for the year in terms of professional development?”  I distinctly remember turning bright red (yes that happens to me way to frequently…out of my control!), stuttering and giving a response that sounded like “well, um….uh….probably, uh…I’ll read magazines.”  Brutal, I know.  I’m not going to get side-tracked here (more than I already have) with a post on PD, but this was my long winded way to introducing a photo that I found that I think is hilarious!

Digital Image

Without further adieu…The Evernote presentation.  Watch the short video first, then scroll through the images.

One account, any device:

Take a snap shot of a whiteboard, create note with a snapshot from your mobile device and tag for easy searching.

Use Web Clipper to take clips of Web sites or to bookmark for lesson planning.

 Add check boxes for class supplies or To Do lists.

 Share notebooks with students/faculty/family/friends for collaboration.

Go paperless!!!!

PD at your own pace – articles, web clips, tweets into a PD area for later use.

Skitch, a separate Evernote app that allows you to annotate, edit, and share your screen shots from any device.

Never lose notes!!

Here’s an additional link from our guest blogger Betty Ann Fish:

10 Tips for Using Evernote Effectively



11 responses to “Daytime Series Part II – Evernote

  1. I love Evernote–I use it for everything. I have never used the sharing feature. How does that work? Is it kinda like a Google Doc?

  2. Sharing is really easy! It’s similar to a Google Doc in that anybody with access can make edits to a doc, but it’s not in real time like Google Docs. Take a look at this video, it’s a bit dated so it says it’s for the Web version, but they have since made this functionality available for the app as well. If you look next to the “account” tab in the Evernote app on your computer you’ll see a “Shared” tab. The video will give you easy instructions on what to do from there, and I’d be happy to show you how I used it with BA and how I use it personally as well.

    I have the paid version which allows for up to 100GB of storage and a few other enhanced options, but I’m only using 6MB of the 1GB of storage and I use it a lot!

  3. Perfect timing…great post in EverNote’s most recent newsletter about EN in schools. BTW DayTime followers, all SCH laptops in the 1:1 program include the basic version of EverNote!

  4. I have been using EverNote ever since one of Vince’s “digital playground” shares and love, love, love it. Ellen, I have successfully shared notes with people and found it quite easy. I am sure you will be sharing in no time. It is on my list to think about how to use it for record keeping in the classroom. If I had my own ipad2 I could be easily capturing notes/anecdotes, photos and voice memos about each girls’ work and easily be storing these in EverNote. If Lauren had an ipad2 when she was working with kids she could also be documenting and we could be sharing these notes with each other. Ah! That would be awesome.

  5. Definitely agree with Vince, it’s my favorite tech tool. Shopping lists, to-do lists, building project ideas, recording gym workouts (as opposed to the people that walk around the gym with notepad and paper!), the uses go on and on. Finally started using the stacking feature, very nice for organizing notebooks. Sync through the “cloud” from my MacBook pro to my Android to my iPad, too cool. Those that aren’t using it, need to jump on board and give it a whirl.

  6. Tommy was one of those guys walking around the VFH with a pen & paper. Thanks to EN, this is no longer an issue. Plus his wife gets to give him food shopping lists.

  7. Doh, I had that link somewhere in my email box! For those that haven’t clicked on Pete’s link, please do so for a good video related to students and EN.

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