Daytime: Welcome to Spring, Pininterest and Bringing Nerdy Back

Good afternoon SCH,

As I walked around SCH this morning I noticed an extra bit of pep in everybody’s step.  Monday mornings on campus often resemble a scene from a zombie flick, but not today my friends.  My guess is that this is a product of a short week, and more importantly….SPRING BREAK.  You know spring is approaching when it’s still light out when you leave campus at 6:00 or when you fire up the grill for the first time!  Two more days folks and you all get to enjoy a few “care free” days/nights where you don’t have to come to work.  Hopefully we’ll all have a chance to recharge our batteries and finish the year off even stronger than it began.

Given this recent burst of nice weather, It’s only fitting that I add a spring themed song to the Daytime Soundtrack (available on iTunes soon).  While I run the risk of getting stuffed into a locker for this (as I did in elementary school by a few tech team members that will go nameless), I would feel remiss if I excluded this song.  I have vivid memories of the same nameless individuals driving around the Roosevelt Mall (those of you familiar with Northeast Philly will certainly get a kick out of this mental image), windows down with this song blaring, while I sat in the back seat slowly losing my hearing. Without further adieu, the newest addition to the Daytime Soundtrack is…..

I think they had the same haircut as Stevie B, I’m actually LOL’ing picturing this.  Now let’s see if the nameless are following the blog!

I was considering dedicating the remainder of this blog to an iPad app resource repository, but I decided to keep this post a bit light-weight and save the “resource repository” (sounds so official) for when we return.  I’ll try to keep your attention with a brief introduction to Pininetrest, and how you might be able to use it in your classroom.  Of course I’ll add in a video and some pix for your viewing pleasure.


Have you seen Apple’s latest iPad ad?   Apple has a way of really getting us fired up for new technology.  This video illustrates the enhancements that come with the newest iPad. 

So what’s all they hype about Pininterest?  Admittedly, I’ve gotten a bit frustrated reading about people’s “boards” on Pininterest along with some of the other junk that flows through my various social media outlets.  Nevertheless,  given the recent hype regarding this new tool, I decided to create an account and start testing it out.  Pininterest describes the tool as an online pinboard that allows you to organize and share the things you love.  You can browse other users pinboards to discover and get inspiration from others that share your interest.  Examples include users creating pinboards for weddings, decorating, sharing recipes and so much more.

Next, I began thinking about how teachers can use this tool in their classroom and I came across this article from which details 37 creative ways for teachers to use Pininterest in their classroom .  How might you be able to you se this in your classroom? Would love to hear your thoughts.  Use the comment field below!

I’ll end this week with a tribute to nerds and geeks, worldwide.  We went from Louis Skolnick and the gang in the 80s, to Sheldon and Leonard more recently.

So which one are you?  A nerd or a geek?

Digital image –

Have a great spring break folks!!

3 responses to “Daytime: Welcome to Spring, Pininterest and Bringing Nerdy Back

  1. I took pride growing up in keeping my little brother out of the clutches of the neighborhood bullies. I’m shocked that some slipped through? The past is gone, not much I can do now, but I’m sure you are a better person because of it!

  2. I’m a little confused by your comment, given that blog suggests that the “nameless” were the individuals doing the locker stuffing!

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