iBooks and iTunes U

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Given your iPad skills, I thought you might be interested Interested in getting started with using iBooks and iTunes U.  Here’s a link to an (must be opened and downloaded on your iPad) iTunes U course, published by Apple Distinguished Educator, Frasier Speirs, of Scotland’s Cedars School of Excellence.

Using iBooks and iTunes U

Picture us creating iBooks, and publishing to iTunes U for classes.  Cool stuff!  I went through the full course and watched all of the videos in about 30 minutes.

Any thoughts on how we can use it at SCH?  Please add comments to the “comments” section of the blog so we can keep the conversation going.  Please note that you’ll have to be logged in to comment, simply login by clicking “logged in” under “leave a reply.”

Below is the course outline.  Some of this may be review for you, but portions of the book will provide a good intro to the use of iBooks and iTunes U.


1.      Introduction

.       Installing iBooks

2.      Using iBooks

.       Getting started

.       Syncing position

.       Downloading a book

.       Navigating around a book

.       Using Search

.       Using the built-in dictionary

.       Highlighting passages and adding notes and bookmarks

.       Changing font size, style and theme.

.       Creating collections

3.      Using iTunes U

.       How Do I Get Courses?

.       Browsing the iTunes U catalogue

.       Subscribing to a course in the catalogue

.       Subscribing to a course by email

.       The structure of an iTunes U Course

.       Info Pages

.       Materials

.       Posts

.       Notes

.       Working through a self-paced Course

.       Downloading Materials

.       Streaming or downloading videos

.       Making Notes

.       Deleting downloaded materials

.       Working through an in-session course

.       The Assignments Sidebar



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