iPad/iBooks Follow Up Meeting

Hey All,

I hope everybody is enjoying their new iPads & the iPad Master Class training (I know it’s a hoot!!) .  We’re just about a week away from our first follow up meeting before you all break for the summer and continue on with the iPad/iBooks initiative in the comfort of your home, maybe laying by the pool or possibly even by the beach.

Before you all head off for summer break, I’d like for us to get together for an informal lunch meeting on 6/13 from 12 – 1, in the Library Instructional Room on the CC. I have a few iBooks resources that I’d like to share with you to assist you with your iBook creation/evaluation, but other than that the meeting will be rather informal.  I’m hoping to discuss the Master class and answer any questions you may have for this project moving forward (Kim, that last phrase was for you!).  YES, lunch from Top of the Hill will be served…my bribe to get you all here.

If you’re moving along with the Master Class and would like to get a head start on the iBooks segment, please take a look at the following resources that I plan to share with the group next Wednesday.

Download the iTunes U app

Download iTunes U course using iBooks and iTunes.  This course will take no longer than a week to finish, if that.

Here is a link to the iPad/iBooks resource page on Yammer.  To access the page, simply click on “iPad/iBooks Resource Page” under “Quick Access” on the right side of the page or “Pages” under “Apps” on the left side.

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