Daytime: The Graduating Class of 2012 & A “Thank You”

Well friends, we’ve made it through another year.  The first year of two schools, communities, and cultures coming together as one.  As summer approaches, I like to sit back and reflect on the past year to see what I have or have not accomplished, where I’ve failed and where I’ve succeeded, and what I can do over the summer to ensure that I don’t make the same mistakes, while continuing to evolve both personally and professionally.  In September I entered the school-year with a bit of anxiety towards the changes that were to come, including a shift to a new career path and many new colleagues.  What’s great about this community, is that with each day that passed I was able to create new SCH relationships, both professional and personal, many of whom helped ease the transition.  Im hoping the same can be said for many of you.  I look forward to a summer full of innovative ed-tech workshops, the ISTE conference in San Diego (finally I get to visit the place I vow will be my home one day!!), moving forward with various FUTURE READY SCH initiatives, spending time with family & friends, and hopefully a bit of rest and relaxation….BRING ON THE BEACH!!!!!  With that, I thank you all for a great year and many more to come.

Before I give you a break from my writing with a a couple of videos and bid you a summer farewell, two final notes.  First, Daytime played a huge part in my decision to transition to the ed-tech world, with all of you sharing your thoughts and ideas to help me develop the “brand.” This year I made the decision to stop face-to-face meetings as it became more of a tech support channel rather than the “think tank” that I envisioned for the year.  I’m a bit disappointed in myself for abandoning the interactive component, so look for a reinvented Daytime Blog with built in time for face to face interaction when you return in the fall (try to maintain your composure, I know it’s hard to contain yourself after that announcement…ha!) Next, Jenn asked that I mention that we’ll be using the Twitter Handle @schdesign to communicate the happenings of the Design Thinking training in 2 weeks.  Be sure to add the hashtag #schdesign when tweeting before, during, and after the event.  We’re going to have constituents from a number of countries across the globe, let’s represent!!

With graduation rapidly approaching, I though you all might like to watch Steve Carrell’s speech at Princeton’s 2012 commencement.  Student use of technology was a big part of the theme of the speech, of course with a touch of his comedic brilliance.  Enjoy!

As we eagerly anticipate the graduation of the class of 2012, I’ve been thinking of what song I would want to hear at my graduation if I was one of this year’s lucky graduates.  A band that I’ve recently been listening to quite a bit is Group Love, the song Tounge Tied (one of my favorites) is all about celebrating with friends.  A great way to end the year!!!

I think my graduation song in 1996 was I Believe I Can Fly by R. Kelly…….ugh…..


5 responses to “Daytime: The Graduating Class of 2012 & A “Thank You”

  1. Ellen, I’d continue on with Daytime even if you were my only follower…i’ve said this many times, you rule!

  2. Thanks for all your time you spend on Daytime! I am also looking forward to ISTE, summer sandbox and time in the real sand!

  3. Love the song, Vince! Have a great summer and thanks for all the help and tech tips during the year. Loved your Flyers stuff especially.

  4. @Steph, ISTE will certainly be a great learning experience for all of us. Plus we’ll get to hang out in a pretty awesome city for a few days, are you spending any additional time out there? Thanks for experimenting w/ many of the ideas that I shared. Looking forward to taking it to an entirely new level next year w/ your help.

    @Debbie thanks for following and commenting all year. I’m looking forward to being more involved in the classroom next year and I know you’re always a willing and awesome educator! I think we can do some great things with the iPads in your class next year. BTW, I’m such a hockey nerd that I’m counting down the days until July 1st for free agency. And I’m sort of considering hopping a train to Newark tomorrow to watch the cup winning game. I’m sure MR, JC, SG, and JW will be celebrating in Philly if they win.

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